Some people take the view that the earlier you start travelling with babies the better as it gets them used to travel. It certainly is a lot easier to travel with a younger baby than a toddler. They are less mobile and are happier to look around and sit in their stroller. Toddlers want to be out exploring and can be more difficult to manage on a plane. Between 4 and 8 months is an ideal time to travel with babies. At this age they are stronger than newborns and interested in the world around them but they are not mobile yet, making it less likely that they will get frustrated when sitting in a stroller.

Travel with babies can be fantastic as babies don’t have opinions on where they go and are generally happy as long as they are with you. You can pop your baby in a stroller, sling or baby carrier, and you have an entire afternoon to wile away at the museum. Babies sleep a lot and they’ll nap in a stroller while you sightsee, sip lattes in a cafe, stroll around or shop for souvenirs. For long haul trips, many airlines offer bassinets or cots for babies to sleep in. Unfortunately kids over the age of 10 months (or one year depending on the airline) and 10 kgs will not be permitted to travel in the bassinet.

Travel with a baby is completely different to any travel you’ve done before. There is a lot more planning involved and there may be tears, upsets over changing nappies and less sleep than you’re used to but it is also incredibly rewarding and fun. There are many hotels and resorts which now offer safe facilities and child care run to very high standards which will allow you to have a more relaxing vacation. Many hotels have play areas, creches, babysitters, and nanny services.

Self catering accommodation can also be a great option for travel with babies, particularly if you book one with sterilizers, stair gates, high chairs and toys. This allows you space to relax in the evening while your baby sleeps and if your child is on solids, it means you can cook food for them rather than trying to find a restaurant with baby food or feeding them pre made baby food which let’s face it, doesn’t taste as good as homemade food.

Kinder Hotels in Germany and Austria are another great option as they offer facilities especially for parents travelling with babies and toddlers such as bottle warmers, sterilizers, strollers, toys, soft play areas, shaded toddler pools, baby food, nappies and more.

There are also loads of products on the market which can make a trip away easier such as travel sterilizers, travel changing mats, luggage straps to enable you to bring your car seat abroad, premade bottles of formula, powdered formula dispensers and pouches of baby food which are easier to pack.

You can have an amazing vacation with your baby. Why not share your experiences with us on our forum?