Florence and Tuscany

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Uffizi Gallery,


 – This is one of the world’s most famous fine art museums with collections of Renaissance paintings and sculptures from classical antiquity. Included is The Birth of Venus and Primavera by  Boticelli, as well as Titian’s Venus of Urbino. Bring your baby carrier if you will be visiting the gallery as there are plenty of crowds and steps. There are often long lines and several hours’ wait is common, starting even before the doors open. You can call +39 055 294883 to make a reservation in advance and walk right in. The phone operator will give you an extension number which you quote at Gate 3 to pay (cash only) to get the tickets. Alternatively, there is a ticket office at the museum which will normally sell these same reservation tickets for almost immediate entry. Online booking is available but is much less convenient because it costs more, has a 24 hour waiting period, your specified time may change and you need to print an email. The restaurant/caffè has a large balcony overlooking the main piazza with good views of the Palazzo Vecchio. It is a great place to take a break for art lovers making a non-rushed visit to this fantastic collection. This café is rather expensive however. Street performers are often seen outside the Uffizi and there are some incredible sculptures around the gallery making the streets of Florence more like a work of art than a cosmopolitan hub.