Padraig Pearse’s Cottage

Padraig Pearse's Cottage is near Gortmore on the R340 in Galway.


Padraig Pearse’s Cottage is near Gortmore on the R340 in Galway. It is a small restored cottage overlooking the breathtaking lakes and mountains of Connemara, used by Patrick Pearse (1879-1916) leader of the 1916 Rising, as a summer residence and summer school for his pupils from St Endas, in Dublin. Accompanying Pearse on a visit to Ros Muc in 1915 was Desmond Ryan, a former pupil, who later wrote of the enthusiasm engendered by Pearse in his visits there: “The Twelve Pins came in sight and Pearse waved his hand here and there over the land, naming lake, mountain and district away to the Joyce Country under its purple mist.”  The interior, although burned during the War of Independence, has been reconstructed and contains an exhibition.