A fun Children’s museum aimed at the 0-10 age category.


Imaginosity opened in August 2007 this is a fun Children’s museum aimed at the 0-10 age category.This is an interactive museum where kids learn through playing.The museum is based on the concept of “hands on, minds on” learning where kids playtime and creative learning connect.There are two baby/toddler areas in Imaginosity, one on Level 1, the other on Level 2. Each of these areas provides an all-around museum experience for young children who cannot yet walk, and offers parents with a baby and an older child a safe place where they can be with their baby and at the same time, view their older child’s activities. Low seating around the perimeter of the two areas provides unobstructed views of the surrounding museum areas. Each Little Wonders area is distinctly unique but both offer a range of developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities for the very young museum visitors. As well as providing special learning environments focused on the developmental abilities and milestones of babies and toddlers, they offer parents and caregivers an environment that helps them understand and enrich their little one’s development. There is a cafe within the museum along with baby changing facilities and breastfeeding is welcomed throughout the building. The museum is located in Sandyford and directions are available here.