Bordeaux & Aquitaine


Situated in southwestern France between Toulouse and Bordeaux, Agen is a city of lilting accents and sun-soaked prunes.

At the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne region, Agen processes the natural produce grown in the fields and orchards of the surrounding countryside, selling this produce in its many shops and markets. In the Museum of Fine Arts in Agen, you will find a complete panorama of art and regional history, from prehistoric times to the present day. The five paintings by Goya which are housed here are the pride of the town, alongside other treasures such as the Gallo-Roman Venus du Mas. The Agen Canal Bridge is a charming walk just a few minutes out of the town. From your vantage point on the second longest bridge in France you can contemplate the town of Agen, the flowing waters of the river ten metres below the canal bridge and the lush greeny of the banks. Follow the canal, passing the four automatic locks in the tranquil beauty of the countryside. You can also explore the former island of Le Gravier in Agen which is another picturesque setting for a walk.

Agen is most famous for producing excellent prunes. Brought over from the East in the 12th century it became a symbol of traditional regional culture. The town even has a museum dedicated to its most famous product: the Prune Museum is located on the Bérino-Martinet farm, and there is even a festival, The Great Prune Show, Festival of Agen. A gourmet market, concerts, shows and of course plenty of free tasting sessions of the juicy prunes themselves will be on the programme at this traditional festival. The Chocolate and Gourmet Days festival presents all the tasty regional specialities, including sweets, pâtés, foie gras, Armagnac and of course, chocolate.

Toddlers will love the Walibi Aquitaine theme park just outside Agen, with rides for all ages. There are plenty of pretty bastide towns and villages perchés dotted on the hilltops to discover, and older kids will be enthralled by the village of Moncrabeau, which is none other than the capital of lying – in summer there’s a Lying Festival (Festival de Mensonges) during which locals sit on the Liar’s Throne by the market hall and tell tales.