Parent Review – Prague, The Czech Republic

Sarah from Magdeburg, Germany reviews Prague as a holiday destination for parents with babies and toddlers.

Where did you go?


When did you go?

We went August 2014 for one week.

Who did you travel with?

I travelled with my Husband Chris and our two daughters Anna and Sophie.

How old were your kids when you travelled?

Anna was three and half years and Sophie was two years old.

Where did you stay? 

We stayed at the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square.

How was the journey there? 

We used our car and drove from Magdeburg to Prague in about 7 hours. We made plenty of stops so the children did not get too bored.

What was the food like?

The food was lovely. The hotel provided a lovely buffet breakfast that caters to all your needs. If eating in the hotel for dinner I found it was a bit too expensive. So generally we ate out in different restaurants. Prague has alot of child friendly restaurants where children have their own play section with toys.

Were you able to find all your baby and toddler essentials at your destination (formula, food, wipes, nappies, medication etc)?

As Prague is a major city everything you need is easy to find and to buy.

How was the public transport system? 

The public system was very good and reliable. Even having our two daughters with us it was still easy enough to get around. You could buy the tram tickets from the hotel so this saved you the hassle of trying to figure out the paying machines.

Did you use a baby carrier or a stroller?

I had my stroller with a buggy board attached to the back for Anna when she did not want to walk anymore. Sometimes they would swap over and Anna would go in the buggy and Sophie would stand on the buggy board.

What kind of activities did you do?

While in Prague we found a lot of very clean and safe play parks for children. I must say I was quite surprised to see so many which was great for the girls. We did a lot of sightseeing, which meant we walked around most of the city. We visited the Zoo which I would highly recommend, it was amazing and the girls loved seeing all the animals. We also took a boat trip on the river Vltava which runs through the city. We visited the Prague castle and grounds which are just unbelievable. Chris took the girls to an indoor play park and I enjoyed the peace. Also we did a lot of swimming in the hotel swimming pool.

Overall, did you have a good trip?

Overall I found it to be a fantastic holiday which I never taught could be travelling with small children and visiting a very touristy area like Prague. I would definitely go back again.

Do you have any advice for parents travelling to the same place?

When travelling to Prague you need to change your currency so it can get confusing. Before you travel make a list of all the places you want to see and where to find them, it makes the day easier when you know where you are going and how.