Parent Review – Magdeburg, Germany

Sarah is originally from Cork City Ireland. She now lives in Magdeburg with her husband and two children. Here, she reviews Magdeburg as a holiday destination for parents with babies and toddlers.

I live in Magedeburg, Germany with my husband and two daughters, Anna and Sophie. Magdeburg is around two hours from Berlin by train. My sister travelled to Magdeburg in 2013 with her two sons aged 5 and 3 and had a fantastic time.

Where did they stay?

They stayed at my house in Magdeburg.

How was the journey there?

They travelled from Ireland and had to travel to Dublin form Cork to fly to Berlin. We picked them up at the airport and we all drove to my house. The flight took 2 and half hours and the drive either by train or car takes 2 hours.

What was the food like at your destination?

The food is of great quality and very reasonably priced. You will find the same type of foods in Magdeburg as you would in the local supermarkets in Cork. As for eating out, there is a great diversity of restaurants to choose from, and you will find many of them child friendly with play areas and sand pits to keep young kids entertained. The kids menus are also excellent and there are always some healthy choices such as chicken and potato with vegetables and pasta. There are also bakeries all over the city selling fresh breads which make for a great snack.

Can you find find all your baby and toddler essentials in Magdeburg (formula, food, wipes, nappies, medication etc)?

Everything that you need for a baby or a toddler is easily found in any supermarket or pharmacy. The supermarkets sell Hipp Organic and Aptamil formula. There is also a great selection of healthy snacks and breads which are ideal for toddlers. You can also find pampers nappies and wipes along with a wide range of local brands.

How was the public transport system?

The public transport system in Magdeburg is excellent. There are buses and trams which are very regular. It is also very reasonable priced. All children under the age of 7 are for free. The city is also very flat so its easy to walk around and the public transport is stroller accessible.

Did you use a baby carrier or a stroller?

My sister brought a foldable stroller for her younger son that she rarely used.

What kind of activities did you do ?

We walked around Magdeburg and visited the historical sites. There is a stunning Cathedral and many archeological ruins. I took them to some of the open play parks for children that are situated all around the city. They went for a walk in the town park which has many walk ways, as well as very popular cycle paths that will take you along the river Elbe to the neighboring towns. We also took the train to a very quaint village called Quedlinburg which is a very old historical town. I also showed them the outdoor public swimming pools that they could visit when they come back in the summer.

Was it an enjoyable trip?
My sister found the holiday very relaxing and fun for the children. She said that she found that everything was easy to obtain even with the language barrier.

Do you have any advice for parents travelling to Magedeburg?

When travelling in the colder months pack warm clothes especial hats and scarves that cover the ears as the weather can get quite cold.

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