Parent Review – Dresden, Germany

Sarah from Magdeburg, Germany reviews Dresden, Germany as a holiday destination for parents with babies and toddlers.

Where did you go?

Dresden, Germany.

When did you go?

We travelled July 2014.

Who did you travel with?

I travelled with my husband and my two daughters.

How old were your kids when you travelled?

Anna was 3 years old and Sophie 2 years old.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at the Best Western Quintessenz-Forum.

How was the journey there?

The journey there was of no problem as we drove from Magdeburg to Dresden in about 4 Hours.

What was the food like at your destination?

The food provided was of good quality and quite reasonablly priced. Not a lot of restaurants are very child friendly, you are provided with child seats and menus but in some restaurants you are given that look from the waitress as if to say ‘God no, not children’.

Were you able to find all your baby and toddler essentials at your destination (formula, food, wipes, nappies, medication etc)?

Everything that you need for a baby or a toddler is quite easy to find as there are a lot of supermarkets in the city.

How was the public transport system?

The public transport system is very easy to use and to find. You have the choice between the buses and the tram. Both are reasonable priced. You will find that all ticket machines are also written in English.

Did you use a baby carrier or a stroller?

I had my double buggy with me which came in very useful as we did a lot of walking around in Dresden.

What kind of activities did you do?

We visited all the usual touristy sites, the churches, the opera and museums. The city is really old and beautiful. We walked along the river, found play parks for the children. In the Hotel there was also a very nice play room.

Overall, did you have a good trip?

The trip was enjoyable but verged on being stressful because the girls might have been a bit young to enjoy the culture of Dresden.

Do you have any advice for parents travelling to the same place?

If travelling to Dresden, make sure that the hotel is in the city area, this makes it easier to do your sightseeing. Also plan your day well as touristy places are always full with people with can add to your holiday stress for example queuing to buy tickets or to go see something.

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