New York with a Baby or Toddler

One major drawback to visiting the city is the difficulty in manoeuvring around on the subway with a stroller.

Try not to use the subway during rush hour (between 7.30am and 9.30am and between 4.40pm and 6.30pm) as you will find it difficult to find space to stand or sit with your little one and you will probably not be able to board trains with a stroller. Very few subway stations have elevators and there are steps to contend with. For a list of subway stations with an elevator see: One other important note is that double buggies might cause difficulties at the subway stations as you will need to use a side gate to get in and out rather than the turnstiles. A double buggy may be too wide to get through so keep this in mind if you have more than one child with you.


If you think you will be using a baby carrier a lot try to use one with good back support such as the Ergo carrier. Click here if you would like further tips on the best slings and strollers for travel).Another option is to plan your trip carefully to keep your use of public transport to a minimum and to stay in a location which is within walking distance of the main attractions. This way you will be able to use both your sling and your stroller at different times and maximise your time in New York. You could also use a hop on hop off bus tour to help you see the sights. These buses are usually not so crowded and are generally are stroller accessible. The Big Bus Tour Company does a great service and under 5’s are free. The company was voted number one on TripAdvisor for New York City bus tours.