New York with a Baby or Toddler


There are so many family friendly hotels in New York City that it would be impossible to name them all.

Some worth noting include Sarabeth’s, Madison Avenue, which is great for breakfast. You can also pick up some fantastic baked foods and take them to Central Park for a picnic. Serendipity on the Upper East Side offers some of the best desserts in the city and is located close to Central Park. You will usually have to wait in line for a seat and it is a tight squeeze so bring a small, fold up stroller or a sling.

In busier tourist areas where there are a lot of crowds it might be difficult to manoeuvre around smaller restaurants with a stroller but you will generally find restaurant staff to be very accommodating and helpful. Most restaurants will have high chairs also and may ask you if you would like to stow your buggy somewhere while you eat. During the spring summer and autumn months, al fresco dining is popular throughout the city and you will have no trouble with your stroller at this time of year.

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