Orlando International is the main airport servicing Orlando and around.

There are many facilities for parents within the airport such as baby changing rooms which can be found at regular intervals throughout the terminals. There are also a lot of walkways and walking distances between areas are generally short. Depending on which airline you are travelling with, your stroller may be stowed in the hold of the aircraft, or kept within the cabin.  If it is kept within the cabin it should be waiting for you at the door of the plane and if it has been stowed you will have to go to baggage reclaim. If you have a lot of luggage, you can leave this on a second conveyor belt for the airport staff to transport it over to the Main Terminal for you.  If you are staying in Orlando you may be able to pre arrange a shuttle bus to your hotel otherwise the airport has shuttle buses and taxis but be sure to prearrange a taxi with a car seat unless you are bringing your own.Jet Lag – Florida is 5 hours behind of Ireland and the UK and your baby may need help in adjusting to his or her new time zone. Click here for further details on dealing with jet lag in babies and toddlers.