Breastfeeding in Orlando

If you are breastfeeding you will not need to worry about water and food and in many ways this makes for an easier holiday. Certain parts of Florida are conservative and it might be best to ask the manager if you plan to breastfeed in a restaurant Acceptance can be low for breastfeeding publically, depending on the locality.

Powdered Formula in Orlando

 The quality of the water in Florida is good and you can drink tap water however it is high in fluoride so you may wish to use bottled water for your baby or toddler. This is available in all supermarkets or smaller stores. Make sure that the bottled water that you use is low in mineral and sodium content. Bottled water should be boiled for babies under 6 months as it is not sterile. The formula available in Florida is not the same as in the UK and Ireland so if your baby is fussy or you think he or she may have a problem adjusting you might think about packing a few cartons of their usual brand. If you run out, you can always buy it there. The stores are generally open from 10 am until 6 pm but there will always be late night stores and pharmacies available if you run into difficulty.

SterilizingYou could either bring microwavable sterilizer bags, these are great if you are staying in self catering accommodation or if your hotel will allow you access to a microwave. Another option is sterilizer bags which you fill with water and leave for 30 minutes. These are small and can be packed easily and are available in Boots in the UK and Ireland. Another option is to bring sterilizer tablets. To use these you will need a large container with a lid. You might also want to enquire about whether you will have a kettle in your room. If one is not available you can buy a small travel kettle.


Baby Food in Orlando

There is a lot of ready made food available in Florida, many brands are also organic. Many restaurants will provide you with a kids menu or mashed up baby food if you request it. It is a very child friendly state so most restaurants will also have high chairs. You can also bring fold away high chairs if you are concerned about not having a high chair, particularly if you are going off the beaten track. Please see our Useful Tips Section for further information on feeding your child abroad.

Nappies in Orlando

Pampers and Huggies are readily available in supermarkets in Florida and in large pharmacies. Baby clothes can be purchased in any mall or major shopping area as can all your baby essentials.