Canada occupies most of the northern region of North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward to the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares its borders with the US to the south and the US state of Alaska to the northwest. Most international visitors opt to fly into either Toronto Pearson International Airport or Vancouver International Airport.


Vancouver Airport is about 15km from the city centre and Toronto Airport is 32km from the centre. Shuttle buses run between terminals and between the airport and airport/city hotels at both Vancouver and Toronto airports. Limos, taxis and car rental are also available and you can pre book a taxi with a car seat from a number of companies.


Note: Parents travelling to Canada with a child under 18 years old are strongly advised to hold documentation showing that the child is theirs. Parents who are separated or divorced are also advised to keep legal and other relevant documents in order to clarify custody rights.

Children travelling to Canada alone or with adults who have no legal custody over them are strongly advised to hold letter of travel consent signed by legal guardian or parent with legal custody. This letter should contain:


  1. Authorisation to travel, and
  2. Destination in Canada, stating length of stay, and
  3. Signor’s address and telephone details.