Canada has a diverse array of eateries suited to every kind of family. There is an abundance of family friendly restaurants with high chairs, changing facilities and kids meals. Most restaurants will be willing to heat milk or baby food for you.


Both the colonial and American influence is strong with excellent European and American style restaurants are available all over the country. The French influence in Quebec is easily discernible in the cuisine and an experience in a fine dining, or simple, bistro-style Gallic restaurant makes for a very Parisian style experience.


Canada’s vast coastline and clean and cold-water rivers produce some excellent fish and seafood. Canada’s central plains provide high-quality beef and agricultural produce. More unusual produce includes bison, elk and caribou. Canada also produces good wines and cheeses.


Tipping – It is customary to tip service staff approximately 10-15% of your bill. This also applies to hairdressers and taxi drivers. Bellhops, doormen and porters generally expect C$1.00 per item of luggage.