Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding publically in Canada is perfectly acceptable and is legally protected.


Tap Water – Tap water is treated and safe to drink in all but the most remote places. The water may be treated differently to what your child is used to and could cause a tummy upset so use bottled water with a low sodium and mineral content if you are travelling with an infant.


Powdered Formula & Cow’s Milk- You will be able to find a wide variety of formulas in Canada in supermarkets and local stores. The most commonly found brands include Good Start (produced by nestle), Enfamil & Similac. Fresh cows milk is also widely available. Depending on the region you are visiting brands and supermarket chains will vary although almost every large town or city will have a Walmart.


Food – There are a wide variety of baby foods available in Canada. Baby gourmet is a canadian brand of organic baby food which comes in a variety of flavours and Heinz is also widely available. You will also be able to find a good selection of yoghurts, purees, fresh fruit and vegetables and cereals along with snacks for babies and toddlers.


Nappies & Other Essentials – You will be able to find Huggies, Pampers and Parents Choice nappies in Walmart Canada and in other stores throughout the country.