Turkey with a Baby or Toddler

You will be spoiled for choice in Turkey with its cuisine and there are plenty of options for toddlers, even if there are not many restaurants with kids menus.

Just make sure that you never allow babies or toddlers to ingest the water. Turkish tummy is famous for a reason so it should be bottled water all the way! Some restaurants will offer high chairs, particularly in the tourist resorts but it is always best to take a travel fold up high chair with you just in case.

Turkish cuisine combines Mediterranean, Central Asian, Caucasian, and Arabic influences, and is extremely rich. Beef, lamb, chicken, eggplant (aubergine), onion, lentil, bean, tomato, garlic, and cucumber are the primary foods. An abundance of spice is also used. The main staples are rice, bulgur wheat and bread, and dishes are typically cooked in vegetable oil or sometimes butter. Flatbread with hummus is a great snack option for babies and toddlers and restaurants will generally accommodate you and prepare non spicy rice, chicken and veg dishes for little ones. Pide or Turkish pizza is another great option for younger visitors. Restaurant staff will not mind you bringing in food for your baby and will usually be willing and heat bottles and food for you if required.

Traditional Turkish restaurants serve meals daily prepared and stored in a bain-marie. The meals are at the entrance so you can easily see and choose. Kebapçis are restaurants specialized in many kinds of kebab. There are subtypes like ciğerci, Adana kebapçısı or İskender kebapçısı. Fish restaurants typically serve meze (cold olive oil dishes). Dönerci’s are prevalent throughout the country and serve döner kebabs as a kind of fast food. Köfteci’s are restaurants with meatballs (Köfte) served as main dish. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants selling Baklava and Turkish delight which are famous Turkish desserts.