Turkey with a Baby or Toddler

You will be able to find all of your baby and toddler necessities in Turkey from nappies and wipes to baby food and formula.

These are available at the local supermarkets, Migros, Tansas, Kippa (Tesco) and Carrefour.  You will also find a selection of Baby foods, nappies and other necessities at local convenience stores.  If you are heading off the beaten track, you should stock up before you go as you may not be able to find the brands and types of food that your child is used to.

Most Turkish women discreetly breastfeed their babies in public. Bring a scarf or loose fitting clothes and you should not run into any difficulty, particularly in the more touristy areas.

You will find a good range of nappies including Pampers and Huggies.  They start around 24 lira (about £10 for about 62/72 in a pack).  The best Turkish brand for nappies is Molfix which are a little cheaper but only by a couple of lira.  It will be difficult to find changing facilities in Turkey outside of the department stores so make sure you bring a travel changing mat with you.

You will also find a good range of powdered formula in Turkey. Aptamil and Bebelac are the main name brands here and cost around 22 lira for a pack.  Turkish brands include Hero Baby by Ülker, Bebelac and Ülker and are slightly cheaper than the Aptamil. You will also be able to find Nestle and SMA in some stores. You can also get follow on formula and junior milk. If your child has allergies or is fussy then it is recommended to bring the brand of powdered formula that your baby is used to when travelling there as the local brands may not have instructions in English and may taste different to what your baby is used to.

There is a good variety of jarred baby food such as Organic which is similar to what you would get in the UK/US.   Baby food in jars starts around 2.50 lira. You will also find a good range of baby rice and wholemeal options of baby rice. Oat Bran baby rice is called Yulaflı.  Baby rice depending where you buy it starts at 5 lira up to about 11 lira. You can also get rusks and baby biscuits here and other food options like yoghurt and of course the markets offer great fresh fruits and vegetables if you wish you make your own food for your child while visiting.