The UK

The UK has a mild climate and can be visited at any time of year. January and February can be quite cold and temperatures can dip below 0 degrees at night. It can snow in the winter, particularly in the North. If you are driving, roads can be a bit icey during the winter months, particularly early in the morning. Spring and Autumn tend to be mild although February and March can be quite cold. The summer is mild also and temperatures range from about 17 to 22 degrees however, it is important to remember that because Britain is quite a long country, the temperatures between the North and South can vary greatly.  Flight fares and hotel prices are slightly higher during the summer months. For a list of average temperatures, region by region in Britain, click here.

It is important to remember that it rains all year round and it is essential to bring a good rain cover for your stroller and for your sling/ baby carrier along with warm clothing as even in the summer, you cannot be guaranteed clear, warm days.