The UK

You will need a car seat if you are travelling by car in  Britain. If you are renting a car you can pre book a car seat. If you decide to bring your own car seat you will probably be able to take it on the plane free of charge. See our Airline Policies Section for further information.

When travelling in Britain a good  stroller and a baby carrier would be ideal. In most towns and cities you will find good quality footpaths (sidewalks) however when visiting historical sights you will find uneven surfaces, steps and some dangerous drops and you will need to use a baby carrier here, or for older toddlers a harness would be useful, particularly when visiting some of the castles and old fortresses to keep them safe from falling particularly when exploring the upper floors of these buildings.

It rains a lot in Britain and rain protection is a must for babies and toddlers. Even if it looks like the weather will be fine, it could rain any day so bring a rain cover for your stroller and a raincoat and/ or wellies where you will be outside a lot. During the summer it can get quite warm so sun protection is a must. At other times of year the sun can be quite bright so make sure you have sun block. The sun also tends to be quite low so make sure that you bring a parasol or buggy shade to keep the sun out of little one’s eyes when outdoors.

For more tips of the best travel strollers and slings click here. Remember, you will be able to buy all you need in Britain in case you forget anything!

If you are bringing any electrical equipment with you the voltage in Great Britain is 230v.

Using Hotel Babysitting Services – Using a babysitter abroad is not be for everyone but it is your decision. Most good hotels in Britain will offer babysitting services with experienced babysitters. For information on using babysitting services when abroad and a checklist of questions to ask a babysitter click here.