London has plenty of wide footpaths which are great for strollers and there are lots of pedestrianised areas and parks. London’s footpaths can be extremeley crowded however which can be frustrating when manourveringa round with a pushchair. One major drawback is the difficulty in manoeuvring around on public transport with a stroller although there has been a recent drive to improve the Underground’s accessibility. There is also an extensive bus network within the city although the tube is much faster.

London is a large and crowded city so in order to see as much as possible in a few days you will need to use public transportation. Try not to use the buses and tube during rush hour (between 7.30am and 9.30am and between 4.40pm and 6.30pm) as you will find it difficult to find space to stand or sit with your little one and you will probably not be able to board trains with a stroller.

Wide double buggies may also pose difficulties when attempting to get through special access gates at the entrances to stations. Very few tube stations have elevators and there are steps and escalators to contend with in ones that don’t. Some tube stations have several flights of stairs or escalators which can be very narrow, so strollers will have to be carried regularly enough . For a map of the London Underground and useful guide on tube stations with elevators or level street access click here.

If you are sightseeing and spending time exploring the city by tube, a sling/ baby carrier can cause discomfort if used for an extended period. Another option is to plan your trip carefully to keep your use of public transport to a minimum and to stay in a location which is within walking distance to a lot of the main tourist attractions. This way you will be able to use both your sling and your stroller at different times to maximise your time in London. For a list of some of the best self-guided walking tours around London click here.

Another option is to take the Big Bus Tour which is a hop on hop off bus service which takes visitors to London’s most famous sites.

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