London is a year round destination; summers tend to be warm and winters cold but there are no extremes in weather, except on very rare occasions. It tends to rain a lot in London all year round so a good rain cover is essential for travelling and a rain coat for older kids.

London has loads of baby changing facilities and you will find these in department stores, museums and in many restaurants. For those of you travelling with a smartphone, there is an App available called ‘NCTs Baby Change App’ which provides info on baby changing facilities in your vicinity.

You will be able to find all your baby essentials in any of the large to medium sized supermarkets (such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s) and pharmacies. Boots Chemists are particularly good for stocking up on supplies. Smaller shops will sell nappies, wipes, baby shampoo and bath necessities along with baby food and formula. Smaller shops may not have as good a selection as the larger supermarkets.

Powdered Formula in London

The most popular brands of formula include Aptamil, Cow and Gate, Hipp Organic and SMA.

Baby Food in London

Cow and Gate, Ella’s Kitchen, Heinz, Hipp Organic, Nestle, Organix and Plum Baby. You will be able to find a variety of flavours in most small to medium sized supermarkets and in many pharmacies. There is also a good selection of fruit puree, snacks such as rice cakes and corn based finger food, cereals, baby rice and yoghurt.

If you are eating out, most restaurants will provide you with a bowl of soft food for babies or a kids menu for older toddlers and if you are staying in self catering accommodation you should be able to find fresh ,meat, fruit and vegetables locally to cook with. Boots do a range of organic stock, suitable for babies which are handy to make a base for cooking with.

Other Essentials – Nappies, Wipes and Soothers

Nappies, wipes, soothers, clothing are all widely available in Great Britain. You will be able to buy  nappies (Pampers, Huggies and other brands), wipes, soothers in most pharmacies, small shops and larger supermarkets. Clothing is available in all large towns and the main stores where you will be able to buy baby and toddler clothes include Tesco and Boots. There are plenty of fantastic baby boutiques in the city.