If you are flying to Seville, Seville Airport  is just ten minutes from the city centre. It is small and relatively manageable, though you’ll want to leave plenty of extra time for check-in and security screening. You can fly direct from London on Easyjet or Ryanair, or connect in Madrid on Iberia for more flight options. Another option is to fly to Faro or Malaga and drive or take a bus or train to Seville.

Flight time from the UK and Ireland to Seville is generally under 3 hours which is manageable with a toddler, just make sure you bring plenty of distractions and snacks for the plane.

Taxis and buses are available at the airport and a taxi will cost €20 to the city centre. You will need to pre book a car seat if you have not brought one with you. You can book a taxi with a car sear from Book Taxi Spain. The airport bus leaves from outside the main terminal every 30 minutes and will cost you 2.30 and will get you to the city centre. Under 5s travel free on the bus.