You will be able to reach all the major sights in Seville on foot. If you need a break from walking or you want to travel further afield you can take a hop on hop off bus tour which stops at most of the city’s most famous landmarks. These buses are stroller accessible and will allow you a great deal of flexibility. Some of the streets are pedestrianised while some have very narrow footpaths and can be difficult with a stroller. The are by the river and the historical centre has wide footpaths and is ideal for strollers/ push chairs.

Taxis in Seville

Taxis are available at the airport and will cost around €20 to the city centre. Taxis are white, with a yellow stripe; look for the green light on the roof to indicate it’s free. There are extra charges for luggage, on weekends, during holidays and at night. You will need to pre book a car seat if you have not brought one with you. You can book a taxi with a car sear from Book Taxi Spain.

The Metro, Buses & Trams

Seville’s new metro opened on 2 April 2009. It follows a 18km reverse U from the south-west to the south-east through the southern end of the city centre where it stops at Plaza de Cuba, Prado de San Sebastian and San Bernardo. Tickets are €1.30 for a single zone or €4.50 for all 3 zones unlimited trips, and the metro runs from 6.30AM-11PM on weekdays, and late departures are available on Fridays and Saturdays until 2 o’clock.

Driving in Seville

You can rent cars at the airport or in one of the city’s many car rental agencies. Make sure to pre-book a car seat if you are not bringing your own. Don’t drive in the old centre, the casco historico if it is avoidable.

If your hotel has parking spaces or a garage, that’s ideal, but you’re best off driving straight there when you arrive, and straight out again when you leave as the city is a maze of one way streets and driving is a tight squeeze and can be highly stressful. If you are touring the region, try to rent a car after you finish your visit to the city if possible.

Some of the city’s hotels have elevators that you will need to drive your car onto to reach the garage. This can be tricky and a tight squeeze.