The Costa del Sol

The resort towns on the Costa del Sol have plenty of family friendly restaurants…

High chairs will be found in restaurants in cities and resorts along the Costa del Sol. Many restaurants will either have kids menus or half portions.  Most restaurants and cafes will be able to warm your baby’s milk or food if you’re taking your own.

You will find changing facilities in department stores and shopping centres and in many restaurants in the resort towns. Bring a changing mat with you if possible for those occasions when you cannot find baby changing tables.

There are plenty of baby and toddler friendly restaurants in the major cities and in resort towns serving a variety of local and international fare.Tapas are a good option for toddlers and young children as you can choose a selection of smaller dishes such as potatoes, omelette, chicken, and rice. Toddlers also love the croquettes which are available in various flavours. Bread is also served with meals. Pescaíto frito (deep-fried fish), migas (crumbs appetiser), porra (tomato and dried bread soup) and ajoblanco (bread, almond and garlic soup) are some of the Costa del Sol’s best known dishes.