The Costa del Sol

There are plenty of large supermarket chains in the Costa del Sol where you can buy formula, food, wipes and nappies. Many of supermarkets close on Sunday.  Most large supermarkets are open from 9am until 9pm and smaller shops might close for lunch between about 1.30 and 4.30pm.

Powdered Formula in the Costa del Sol

For formula fed babies, the quality of the water is generally good however safer to use bottled water to feed your baby and your toddler. For babies under 6 months the bottled water should be boiled as it is not sterile.

If you are unsure of the local brands you should bring your formula with you. You can purchase it online from Boots (click and collect) and collect it at some airports in the UK and Ireland after checking in. This is a good option if you do not want to carry everything with you through the airport. Just ensure that your airline’s policy allows you to carry products purchased at the airport onto the flight.

When purchasing bottled water in the Costa del Sol make sure you buy a brand with a low mineral and sodium content  such as Evian, Beyaz and Font Vella to avoid tummy upsets.

Available Formulas:

Aptamil –  is available in some pharmacies and also in El Corte Inglés and Eroski.

Cow and Gate – called Almiron in Spain and is available from some pharmacies.

Hipp Organic- Eroski, Alcampo, El corte Ingles, Hipercor, Opencor, Leclerc, Gadisa, Caprabo, Dinosol, Carrefour and Consum.

Hero, Baby Bio and Nestle formulas are locally produced and widely available in supermarkets in Spain. Remember that numbering on the containers of formula is different from the UK and Ireland so look for the word ‘meses’ which means months.

Fresh cows milk (called leche entera) should be available in most of the larger resorts and towns, if not UHT milk is available everywhere.

Expat Baby Shop operate a delivery service in the Costa del Sol for British baby formula (SMA, Aptamil and Cow and Gate).They offer a delivery service to in and around the Marbella area. Another option is to visit Morrisons in Gibraltar where you will be able to pick up UK products.

Baby Food in the Costa del Sol

Many of the larger hypermarkets, such as Carrefour, Lidl and Mercadona sell organic and non organic baby foods. Be aware that many of the local or Spanish brands contain small amounts of sugar or salt and some travellers warn that the quality of the food is different and not as palatable to babies and toddlers.

Pureed food, baby cereals and yoghurt should be available in most stores and these are generally the same quality as at home. Another option is to visit Morrisons in Gibraltar where you will be able to pick up UK products. A better option is to take a small amount of the baby food that you trust with you and then cook homemade food at your accommodation, if possible. Boots offer a range of organic, salt free,  baby stock cubes which are small and easy to pack and will make a great base for cooking.


Sterilizer bags are great for holidays and are small enough to pack. Another option is to bring sterilising tablets or microwavable steriliser bags if you will be staying in self-catering accommodation.For further information on formula, food and sterilizing, please click here.

Nappies and Changing Facilities in the Costa del Sol

Nappies are widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies as well as baby bottles. Dadots are the same as Pampers and Huggies are also available. Be warned that in the resorts you could be paying up to €13.00 for a dozen nappies. If you will be buying nappies in Spain you will need to know your baby’s weight in kilograms. You can also buy wipes in supermarkets and pharmacies and Huggies wipes are available in Carrefour.

Changing facilities are available in department stores and in some restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

Renting Baby Equipment in the Costa del Sol

Strollers are sometimes damaged by airlines and they can be cumbersome to deal with at airport security. If you decide to leave your stroller and other baby equipment at home you can rent what you need in the Costa del Sol. Spain Baby Gear Hire arranges deliveries of equipment such as strollers, prams, car seats and cots along with feeding bath equipment, play mats and safety gates to Malaga airport and throughout the region.