Portugal with a Baby or Toddler

Portuguese food combines locally sourced ingredients (especially fish, seafood, pork and game) with a straightforward preparation that lets the flavours shine through. Grills and barbequed food are very popular and are done well. The simplicity of Portuguese cuisine is ideal for feeding toddlers as ingredients tend to be fresh and simple. Most restaurants in tourist areas will offer high chairs and kids menus or kids portions. In places more off the beaten track, you might consider bringing a fold away high chair or travel booster seat.

In the Algarve, you will be able to enjoy local seafood; grilled sardines are a firm favourite throughout the country. Grilled beef, chicken and pork are the mainstays of most menus and Presunto is Portugal’s version of Parma ham.

Accompanying nearly every dish will be potatoes, either fried or roast in the case of most meat dishes or boiled if you’ve ordered fish. Carrot, turnip and green salad is also a popular accompaniment. Seasonal fruit ranges from spring cherries and strawberries to summer melons, peaches and apricots.  Available year-round are bananas and pineapples.

For family friendly restaurant recommendations please see our destination guides for Lisbon and The Algarve.