The public transport system in Rome consists of the metro and buses but if you stay centrally you will find that you can walk to a lot of the sights, especially if you plan your itinerary carefully.

You may find the  metro stations difficult with a stroller as there are not many elevators so be prepared to carry your stroller up and down stairs. When using public transport and visiting the historical and cultural attractions, a sling/ baby carrier is very useful as you will not need to worry about steps. Many of the sights have a lot of steps also or are have uneven surfaces.

Roman buses are reliable, but can be crowded. They are the best way to get around the city, with the notable exception of walking. Free maps of the bus system are available, others can be purchased (€3.50 at Termini). You will be able to wheel your stroller onto the bus provided it is not crowded. If it is crowded travel by bus will be difficult as you will need to fold up your stroller. If you do not get an offer of a seat, you may need to hold your baby while standing so avoid public transport at busy times of day.

If you’ll be staying in Rome for at least 3 days, consider purchasing the Roma Pass. It costs €36 (or €28 for a 48 hour pass) and entitles holders to free admission to the first two museums and/or archaeological sites visited, full access to public transportation, reduced tickets and discounts for any museums included in the pass (the Vatican is not included)and sites visited as well as exhibitions, music events, theatrical and dance performances. It is always better to buy tickets to museums in advance to avoid the long queues, especially during the peak season.

Taxis are the most expensive way to get around Rome, but when weighed against convenience and speed, they are often worth it. There are taxi companies in Rome that provide car seats if you are not bringing your own but make sure to check the car seat before you depart.  Your hotel will be able to find a taxi with a car seat for you however, you can also book one from Rome Airport Taxi Services. Roman taxis run on meters, and you should always make sure the driver starts it. Taxis will typically pick you up only at a taxi stand, which you will find at all but the smallest piazzas, as well as at the main train station or when called by phone.

A hop on hop off bus tour is a fantastic way to see the city. The buses are stroller accessible and you will be able to access the main tourist sites without having to manoeuvre around trains and buses.

If you will be driving in Rome or further afield, there are car rental agencies at either of Rome’s airports or at multiple locations around the city. If you do decide to rent a car make sure that you pre-book an infant car seat or booster seat. Click here  to compare car hire prices in Rome and to check availability of infant car seats and booster seats.