Italy with a Baby or Toddler

What to Bring.

Slings, Strollers & Car Seats

Ideally, you should bring both a stroller and a sling/ baby carrier with you. You might want to bring a smaller fold up stroller for older children however it is very handy in the evenings if your baby can sleep in a stroller when you eat out, so make sure whatever you bring is comfortable. When in Paris, a backpack stroller can be very useful if you are using the metro and other forms of public transport a lot. Remember to bring a sun shade or a parasol and blackout covers are fantastic if you will be out and about a lot as they allow your child to sleep easily.

For information on slings and strollers click here.


Sleeping Soundly

You should bring a grow bag if your baby or toddler is used to them. Some children sleeping with blankets for the first time wriggler around at night and may get cold. The cots offered by 4 and 5 star hotels are usually good quality travel cots with sheets and a baby duvet or blanket on them. Make sure to check first to see if a hotel has a crib before booking. (most online booking sites will say whether cots are available). When hotel staff set up a travel cot make sure that it is done correctly as if it is not it could buckle when you put your child in. Also, check the crib is generally clean and safe by moving it around a bit and if it is not right ask for another.

For Tips on sleeping soundly abroad click here.


Insect Protection

There are mosquitos in Italy although there have been no reports of malaria. Click here for further information on insect protection and how to deal with bites.


Sun Protection

Italy can be get quite hot during the summer months so make sure to protect your baby from overheating and bring light loose clothing. For further information on taking babies and toddlers swimming click here.  For more information on protecting your baby from the sun click here.


Travel Safety

Taxis in Italy will have a seat belt in the back if you plan to bring your own car seat however this may be cumbersome and you can also arrange to hire a taxi with a car seat if you will only be using a taxi for airport transfers (See getting around). For further information on keeping your child safe while travelling, click here.


Using Hotel Babysitting Services

Using a babysitter abroad is not be for everyone but it is your decision. Most good hotels in Italy will offer babysitting services with experienced babysitters. For information on using babysitting services when abroad and a checklist of questions to ask a babysitter click here.