Water Quality in Lake Garda

The quality of the water in Lake Garda is generally safe to drink however it may have a different sodium and  mineral content which could cause an upset tummy. Bottled water is available everywhere but please be mindful of the fact that it can be overpriced in hotels and it is cheaper to buy it in the local shops and markets. Remember to use boiled bottled water for babies under 6 months when making formula and check to ensure that the mineral water is low in sodium and minerals.

Powdered Formula

Cow and Gate is sold in  Despar/ Spar and pharmacies under the brand name Millan however this may have a slightly different taste to what your child is used to. Aptamil is also available and is sold in Bennett, Il Gigante, Despar/ Spar, Esselunga and in larger pharmacies. Nestle formula is also widely available. The formula in Italy can be different to formulas in the UK and Ireland.  Even brands that your child is used to may taste different. It is always safer to bring your formula with you and you can buy other bulky items such as nappies and wipes there. Fresh milk is also available in supermarkets and it is called ‘latte fresco’.

Baby Food in Lake Garda

Baby Food is largely the same as in Ireland and the UK and you will be able to buy a wide variety of flavours and the package will have a picture showing the main ingredient. Hipp Organic is available in most large supermarkets and you will find Cow and Gate (branded as Millin) in Despar/Spar, Esselunga and Il Gigante. Milupa and Nestle are also sold in larger pharmacies. Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are available in larger supermarkets if you want to cook for your child and Boots in the UK and Ireland do a range of handy organic, salt free stock cubes which are easy to pack and make a great base for cooking. You will also be able to buy small baby suitable pasta shells if you wish to cook yourself.