Ireland with a Baby or Toddler

Anyone visiting Ireland should try the seafood which is generally fresh and many of the restaurants use locally produced, organic foods. You will find a mix of restaurants selling both local and international cuisine in the towns and cities.

Many of the larger restaurants, particularly in cities will have baby changing facilities and most will have high chairs also. In the countryside you may not be able to find changing facilities in all restaurants however someone will direct you to an appropriate place to change your child. The pubs in Ireland tend to do excellent food and often have live entertainment in the more touristy towns. Remember though that children (under 18s) are not permitted by law to be in pubs after 9pm. All of Ireland’s restaurants and pubs are smoke free but when sitting outside you will not be able to find a non smoking section. Bear in mind that many restaurants in Ireland can have small entrances so a smaller stroller can be useful for a trip here if possible.