Ireland with a Baby or Toddler


Breastfeeding in Ireland

Breastfeeding in public is completely acceptable in Ireland. Some mothers in Ireland say they may get some ‘looks’ or stares’ when breastfeeding in public however, breastfeeding is protected by law, which means that nobody can be asked to stop nursing, to leave a premises, or to use separate facilities. Most large department stores will have mother and baby rooms with a seat to feed your child in if you feel more comfortable feeding in private.

Powdered Formula in Ireland

You can drink the tap water in Ireland and it is similarly treated the the water in the UK. If you are visiting from other parts of the world you may want to buy bottled water as the water may taste slightly different. You will be able to buy formula in many pharmacies and medium to large supermarkets such as Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Supervalu, Lidl, Aldi, Centra and Boots. The brands of formula commonly available include; Aptamil, Cow and Gate, Hipp Organic and SMA. You will also be able to find formula for babies with a dairy intolerance and hungry milk and bottles or ready made formula are widely available. The formula in Ireland is the same as the UK so if you are travelling from here you will not need to worry about bringing formula with you.

Baby Food in Ireland

You will be able to find a wide variety of baby food in supermarkets and smaller shops in Ireland. The most popular brands include; Annabel Karmel, Ella’s Kitchen, Hipp Organic, Heinz and Cow and Gate. You will be able to find a variety of flavours in most small to medium sized supermarkets and in many pharmacies. There is also a good selection of fruit purees, snacks such as rice cakes and corn based finger food, cereals, baby rice and yoghurt. All baby food packaging states whether it contains sugar and sodium.

If you are eating out, most restaurants will provide you with a bowl of soft food for babies or a kids menu for older toddlers and if you are staying in self catering accommodation you should be able to find fresh ,meat, fruit and vegetables locally to cook with. Boots do a range of organic stock, suitable for babies which are handy to make a base for cooking with.

Other Essentials

Nappies, wipes, soothers, clothing are all widely available in Ireland. You will be able to buy  nappies (Pampers, Huggies and other brands), wipes, soothers in most pharmacies, small shops and larger supermarkets. Clothing is available in all large towns and the main stores where you will be able to buy baby and toddler clothes include Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Mothercare and Boots. There will also be plenty of boutiques in the cities.


Many hotels will allow you to use a microwave to sterilize bottles with a microwaveable sterilizer or microwaveable sterilizer bags but if you not sure that such a service is available it would be best to bring travel sterilizing equipment if your child is still under the age of 6 months (or older if you would like to continue sterilizing). There are many brands of product on the market such as sterilizing tablets and sterilizer bags available, which are great for travel. See our section on formula, food, sterilizing and nappies for more information.