Ibiza with a Baby or Toddler


You can hire a car at the airport or in any of the resorts.
This is by far the best way to see the island and will allow you to explore quieter beaches and some of the older towns, inland, away from the resorts. Remember to pre book a car with a child safety seat if you think you will be driving as they may not be available when you arrive. Signposting in Ibiza can be poor so if you are driving it would be best to have a GPS navigation system with you or a good map.

Taxis use the meter system and can be flagged down when the green light is on. Taxis are not obliged to ask you to use a car seat for your baby and you can carry him or her on your lap. There are many cab companies that allow you to pre-book a taxi with a car seat but ensure that you give advance notice).

The island has an extensive and regular Bus service. There are half-hour connections between all major resorts, including many of the most popular beaches. Buses run in the summer months from approximately 7 am until 10 pm. The buses are air-conditioned and you can take your pram or stroller on board if they are quiet but at busier times you may need to fold it up. There are 4 bus companies on the island and sometimes you will need to make connections to different bus services which may complicate things. See http://www.ibizamaps.net/en/san-antonio/transport/91.html for various bus timetables.

There is a regular ferry service from the mainland to the island of Ibiza and from Ibiza Town to Formentera. To get from the airport to the harbour you can take a taxi or the bus.

Driving in Ibiza

When driving in Ibiza you will need to drive on the right and overtake on the left. Ibiza has a relatively new road system with many dual carriageways, however the locals can drive a little erratically so take care when on the roads.  Some of the less used roads may also suffer from a lack of signposting so a good GPS will be very useful. As a foreigner driving in Ibiza you must carry your driving licence with you at all times along with your passport. If you are driving in your own vehicle, you must also carry your vehicle registration certificate. Child specific seats are legally required for all children aged 12 or younger. Children are permitted to travel in the front of the car but only with the proper restraint and with the airbag in switched off mode. Cars that do not have seat belts in the back are prohibited from carrying children under the age of 3 years.

Depending on the area, parking on Ibiza can be tricky. In busy tourist spots such as Santa Eulalia or San Antonio, it can be difficult to find a parking spot during July and August. Cars parked in the direct sunlight can become unbearably hot very quickly. Windshield screens which can be picked up just for a few euros,   shields the interior of the  car from the blazing sun and prevent the temperature within the car becoming unbearably hot and potentially hazardous to toddlers. If  windscreen shields are not available you should wherever possible park in a shaded area. A sun shade for the back-seat/rear window can reduce your baby’s exposure to the sun.