Ibiza with a Baby or Toddler

Formula, Food, Sterilizing and Nappies.


If you are breastfeeding you will have no problem feeding your baby in public. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well when breastfeeding in warm weather.


For formula fed babies, the quality of the water varies from place to place so it is definitely safer to always use bottled water to feed your baby and your toddler. For babies under 6 months old  bottled water should be boiled prior to use as it is not sterilized. When purchasing bottled water make sure you buy a brand with a low mineral and sodium content as this can vary across different brands and can lead to stomach upsets. 5 Fuentes and Font Vella are both available in Ibiza and have a low mineral and sodium content.

Premixed formula is available to purchase from Boots, Tesco and most large supermarkets in the UK and Ireland. The mixes can be very useful for snacking on the go. Its also a good idea to pack a few extra to cover any unexpected delays should they occur.

You may not always be able to source your regular brand of formula in the local supermarket, so if you are unwilling to experiment with local brands, you should pack sufficient formula to cover your baby’s dietary requirements over the course of your holiday.Local Spanish brands will be available from supermarkets and you may be able to buy Milupa which is the same brand as Aptamil however it may taste slightly different.


Specialist jars of baby food such as organic or salt-free products will generally not be available, although many of the larger ‘hypermarkets’ sell the Hipp Organic brand of baby food. If your baby has progressed to solids you will be able to buy pre-packaged baby food in the supermarkets and many of the restaurants will be happy to make up soft food for your baby. Many travellers find the store bought baby food in Ibiza to be of a different quality to that in the UK and Ireland and so your baby or toddler may not take to it. The yoghurt and fruit purees are of a similar quality and these can be bought in most large supermarkets.

If you are staying in self catering accommodation you will be able to find fresh food in supermarkets to cook in your rented accommodation. Boots offer a range of organic, salt free stock cubes which can be packed easily and make a great base for cooking. The main large supermarkets in Ibiza are Mercadona, Eroski, Carrefour and Lidl and you will be able to find most of what you need for cooking here along with nappies, wipes, formula and baby food.

There are plenty of baby and toddler friendly restaurants in Ibiza and the main tourist resorts are used to catering to families with young children. Most hotels will offer high chairs in the restaurants and many of the local eateries will also have them. if you are going to be travelling off the beaten track or are would like more flexibility in where you eat you can bring a fold away highchair. These are suitable for babies over 6 months or that can sit up on their own.


Sterilizer bags are great for holidays and are small enough to pack. Another option is to bring sterilising tablets or microwavable steriliser bags if you will be staying in self-catering accommodation.


Nappies are widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies. However  In the resorts you could be paying up to €13.00 for a dozen nappies with the quality is not as good as in the UK and Ireland. Pampers are called ‘Dadots’ and these are probably the best brand of nappies that you will find available on the island.

For further information on formula, food and sterilizing, please click here.

Slings and Strollers

Ideally, you should bring both a stroller and a sling with you to Ibiza. Front carrier or slings are also a very useful for sightseeing and for negotiating busier areas and some of the nature reserves.  If you do not wish to bring a stroller with you, you can rent one and other baby equipment from www.kidsinibiza.com . Remember to bring a sun shade or a parasol and blackout covers are fantastic if you will be out and about a lot as they allow your child to sleep easily. For information on slings and strollers click here.

Sleeping Soundly

You should bring a grow bag if your baby is used to them. The cots offered by hotels are generally travel cots with sheets and a baby duvet or blanket on them. Cots vary in standard in hotels, however most 4 and 5 star hotels will have good quality ones. You can buy blackout stroller covers with built in mosquito nets and you can also buy travel black out blinds for your hotel room if your child wakes easily or is used to a very dark room.

For tips on Sleeping Soundly while on holiday, click here.

Insect Protection

Mosquitos on the island of Ibiza do not carry malaria but a bite can cause an unpleasant reaction. You will need to bring some form of protection for babies against being bitten. Seek medical advice if an insect bite causes severe swelling, bruising or persistent pain.Click here for further information on insect protection and how to deal with insect bites.

Sun Protection

Ensure that you bring sunblock for babies older than 6 months and for toddlers (Factor 30 +). Many brands of sun block cannot be used on babies under the age of 6 months and therefore it is important to ensure that their skin is protected by keeping them away from direct sunlight and using UV protected clothing (Garnier Ambre Solaire has now produced a sunblock for babies in the shade which is available at Tesco and is suitable for use on younger babies, however even with this on they should still be kept in the shade or in a UV sun tent as their skin is highly sensitive).

It is better to buy swimwear with long sleeves as this will protect your baby while in the water. Make sure that you also bring a sun hat for your baby as their heads can burn very quickly. A parasol will assist in keeping the sun off your baby’s skin and certain brands can be attached to your baby’s stroller. You can also buy a stroller shade which covers much more of your stroller and if the sun is particularly bright, this may be more useful. Remember to use sun umbrellas at the beach and by the pool if they are available and to encourage toddlers to play in the shade (if possible). For further information on protecting your baby from the sun click here.

Travel Safety

Taxis in Ibiza will have a seat belt in the back if you plan to bring your own car seat however this may be cumbersome to carry around. It is also possible to hire a taxi with a car seat (See getting around). For more information on travel safety when abroad click here

Using Babysitting Services

Using a babysitter’s while abroad would not be for everyone but it is your decision. Most good hotels in Ibiza will offer babysitting services with experienced babysitters however they tend to be quite expensive. For information on using babysitting services when abroad and a checklist of questions to ask a babysitter click here.