Greece with a Baby or Toddler

If you don’t have children who are in school yet then it’s worth booking your holiday outside summer holiday peak season(July and August) as it’s quieter and the sun’s not quite so hot.Keep in mind that the water can still be chilly in early summer but by September it’s perfect.

By early September there is a big difference in the number of visitors and hopping on a ferry, getting a seat at a popular restaurant, or finding a hotel room gets much easier. May and October can be great as well but you’re taking a little bit of chance with the weather if your aim is sun and sea.

Hotels and restaurants on most islands close during the winter months. You’ll always find something open but things can be very quiet in the off peak season. On the less popular islands things close down even earlier in the Autumn and open up later in the spring.

For a handy temperature guide click here.