Greece with a Baby or Toddler


Package holiday providers arrange for charter flights throughout the holiday season and there are also a lot of budget airlines which have routes to the Greek Islands operating throughout the summer season.

It takes around four hours to fly from the UK or Ireland to Athens. If you’re heading to the north-west islands such as Corfu or Zakynthos, it’ll take about three hours. From New York it takes about 11 hours to get to Athens and you can fly direct or break up the journey in a number of European airports.

It’s possible to travel to Greece by boat, but you’ll probably have to go to Italy, Turkey or Cyprus first. If you are travelling from the UK or Ireland and really want to take your own car, you could take a ferry or the Eurotunnel shuttle to the continent and then drive to mainland Greece. However, this journey will take several days, and long car trips can be especially tough with a baby in tow. A better option is to rent a car when you arrive.

Airports in the most popular tourist locations will have car rental agencies in the arrivals areas just remember to pre book a car with a car seat to ensure availability. Taxis are exempt from the need to use a car seat however, make sure that you pre-book a taxi with a car seat from one of the local agencies if you are not bringing your own as it is highly dangerous to travel with an infant or toddler on your lap in case of an accident. If you need a taxi with a car seat in Athens, you can pre-book one here and if you are travelling to Crete, you can pre-book one from Crete Taxi.