Greece with a Baby or Toddler

High chairs are rarely to be found in restaurants which can make a stroller an appealing option as a place to sit a baby or small toddler during meal time. Another great option is to bring a fold up high chair with you.

Meals usually happen a bit later in Greece. Lunch is from about 2pm and dinner from 9pm however, restaurants in tourist areas open earlier. Bakeries also sell savoury pastries that make good picnic food. Bread is always served when you order in a restaurant. Your little one may also enjoy the kebabs, feta cheese, olives, ripe melons, and small cheese and spinach pies. You will nearly always be able to get an omelette rustled up and keftedes (meatballs) are also popular and handy finger food for toddlers.

Buffets are popular in some hotel restaurants. However, the food may have been left out for some time, so try to get there as soon as they start serving.