Many restaurants in the busier tourist areas will offer high chairs although changing facilities will be harder to find. If you will be travelling around or want flexibility in where you eat, you could bring a fold away travel high chair. The Cretans themselves eat out late, after 10 or 11 PM, however, restaurants will serve food at all times of the day in areas popular with tourists.

The island is famous for its tasty and healthy cuisine. The Cretan Diet, which is also called the “Mediterranean Diet,” has been attributed with great health benefits and nutritional value. This healthy diet had relied heavily on fresh vegetables and fruits in season and fish and meat, particularly lamb. Feta cheese is produced in Greece and is a hugely popular ingredient in many dishes including Greek salad. Mousaka is another traditional dish which is a must try as is souvlaki (pork meat, lamb, chicken or fish on skewers). You will also be able to find more Western dishes such as pizza and pasta along with foods with a Turkish influence such as kebabs and kofte.

When visiting Crete you must experience the Crete kafeneion or coffee shop which is an age-old institution. Tavernas are perfect for families and are as prevalent as kafeneia. They are everywhere along the sea in tourist towns, but try to find a small one in a small village where there is no menu. Greek tavernas are particularly kid-friendly. Some dishes that kids might grow to love include calamari (fried squid), tiropitakia (cheese parcels in filo pastry), dolmadhes (flavoured rice wrapped in vine leaves) and saganaki (fried cheese).