The best way to travel around Munich – without using your own feet – is the public transportation system consisting of suburban trains (S-Bahn), underground trains (U-Bahn), streetcars (Tram), and buses.

There is only one ticket system, called MVV, which means you can use all modes of transportation with the same ticket. You can get individual, group, daily, weekly and monthly tickets. The underground stations, i.e. U-Bahn, are marked with a white capital “U” on blue quadratic ground. The suburban train stations, i.e. S-Bahn, are marked with a white “S” on green circular ground. All S-Bahn lines traverse the city in a single tunnel (Stammstrecke) between stations Donnersbergerbrücke and Ostbahnhof.

By Bike

With over 200 km (125 mi) of bike trails, one of the very best ways to explore the city is on a bicycle. You will notice so many locals traveling the city on bicycle and not just by themselves. Many Bavarians will cycle with their children either in a fixed compartment at the front of the bike or in a bicycle fitted to the rear of the bicycle. If you’re feeling up to a little adventure around the city with your child, head to the nearest bicycle shop and enquiry. Most of these shops will rent you one of these bicycles with fitted trailer.

By Taxi

Munich taxis can easily be recognized by their beige color and the yellow-black taxi sign on the roof. Taxis can be found at taxi stands throughout the city, at train stations, and at the airport. It is also possible to stop a taxi (if it is not occupied) or to call one of the many taxi companies in Munich. The basic fare is €3.30 with additional €1.70/km for up to 5 km, €1.50/km for kilometers 5 to 10, and €1.30 for every kilometer more than 10. Waiting time per hour is €24 and there are additional charges for pets (€0.60 per animal) and luggage (€0.60 per piece). offer a great taxi service from MUC airport to a multitude of destinations. You can also order a car seat for your child while booking online. Remember if you are availing of this service to give the age and weight of your child to avoid unnecessary hassle when you arrive at the airport.

By Car

It is generally a bad idea to explore Munich by car. Traffic is heavy especially during rush hour. Munich has three ring roads, the autobahn A 99, the Mittlerer Ring urban expressway and the Altstadtring, which can be used in order to avoid getting stuck in inner city traffic. During rush hours these rings are, however, often congested too. Parking in the central districts inside the Mittlerer Ring tends to be close to impossible. Moreover, many landmarks and areas of touristic interest are located in the inner city which is mostly closed for car traffic. Here parking space is particularly scarce and expensive.