For a tasty snack, you can take your family to one of the many bakeries that are in Munich. Toddlers and younger kids will love the freshly baked bread and pretzels. These premises are much more than simple over the counter for take away baked goods. These bakeries are take away or sit down. They have ready made sandwiches, filled rolls, cakes, buns, teas, coffees all of great quality and all very reasonably priced. At the Privat Backerei Wimmer for instance a filled ham and cheese roll with a coffee will cost you roughly €5.00. This bakery company has dozens of outlets all over the city and it is a perfect breakfast or mid morning stop off for your family. All of those locals queuing outside can’t be wrong.

You will find yourself walking a lot in Munich as it is so easy to do. The city has wide footpaths, proper cycle, bus and car lanes and pedestrian crossings that are obeyed. With this in mind eating as you go is a real option in Munich. There are little vendors, eateries and stalls on all of the main streets in the city selling everything from coffees to go, to currywurst to fresh fruit and juices to pretzels. You will be snacking a lot on this trip.

For more sit down options for you and your child, you may go to any of the spacious cafes or restaurants at Marienplatz or Odeonsplatz. They follow the recurring theme of Munich, they are large open spaces, decent kids menus, have high chairs and baby changing facilities. It is the norm for restaurants in Munich. Faun restaurant on Hans-Sachs-Strasse is a perfect example of a local city restaurant with great child friendly facilities and wonderful Bavarian cuisine. This restaurant serves up hearty German fare, roast pork, duck potato dumplings and sauerkraut are all to be sampled in this quieter, beautiful part of town.