Germany with a Baby or Toddler

German cuisine consists primarily of meat, salad and potato.

There are plenty of options and you will be spoiled for choice in the larger cities which offer a mix of local and international restaurants. Cafés and standard restaurants are relaxed about kids and menus offer few challenges. High-end restaurants are a different matter, particularly in cities, and especially at dinner. High-end places in the country tend to be more relaxed but double-check. Discreet breast-feeding is acceptable in public. Most restaurants will offer high chairs and many will have baby changing facilities also. Many restaurants will have healthy kids options or half portions and some also have small kids play areas. Many areas will also have ‘Kinder Cafes’, cafes specially designed with baby and toddler play areas where kids can entertain themselves while parents enjoy a coffee, lunch or delicious German pastry. Many cafes, restaurants and hotels will have play areas or sand pits also even if they do not come within the category of ‘Kinder Cafe’. A lot of rest stops on the autobahn (motorways) will also have play areas complete with indoor slides and toys or an outdoor playground. This example of German efficiency allows older babies and toddlers to stretch their legs and have a bite to eat on longer car journeys.