The vast majority of restaurants in Berlin offer high chairs and are toddler friendly. Berlin is also famous for its ‘kinder cafes’ which are designed especially with toddlers in mind. Many of the restaurants also have play areas and toys.

Café Am Neuen

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Cafe Am Neuen is located at the Zoogarten side of the park and is a fantastic place for a break. The cafe is shaded by trees and has a large sand pit, row boats and plenty of safe outdoor space to run around in. The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is perfect for a warm summers day. It also has a beer garden so you can enjoy a traditional German beer.

Driss im Wunderland

Sonntagstr. 26, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain)

Driss im Wunderland offers a play area that is great for babies as well as toddlers and younger children. The space includes a ball pit, with a little slide (good for the babies), lots of bobby cars, a number of toys and then a small climbing wall, table football and a punch bag for the older ones. The one downside is that the room is underground, however, if it keeps the children entertained on a wet or snowy day, it’s worth the lack of natural light

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