Breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable in France. Remember to keep hydrated if it is warm.

Water and Baby Formula

Use bottled water with a low sodium and mineral content to prepare formula.

Picot, Erielac, Guigoz. Gallia, Bledilait, Hipp Organic, Enfamil are brands of milk readily available in the region. You will also be able to find Milupa Aptamil however it may taste different to Aptamil produced in the UK and Ireland so if you have a fussy baby ensure that you bring the amount of formula that you need with you. If you want hungry baby milk, look for epaisse written on the carton.

Baby Food

Food: Food brands available include Bledina, Carrefour Bebe, Good Gout Baby Bio, Nature Nes by Nestle, Hipp, Holle Bio.


You will be able to find Pampers in larger supermarkets and French nappies are high quality.

Supermarkets in Brittany

You will find all your essentials in supermarkets in towns and cities throughout the region. Larger chains which will stock all you need include: Geant, Le Clerc, Marche Plus, Carrefour, Lidl, Cora, Champion, Shopi and Stoc. If possible, visit a hypermarket, where you will be spoiled for choice.