Bordeaux & Aquitaine


Breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region.


There are plenty of large supermarket and pharmacy chains  (such as Carrefour and Monoprix) where you can buy formula, food, wipes and nappies but generally the products will differ from what you can get in the UK and Ireland. Some of the supermarkets close on Sunday. Most large supermarkets are open from 9am until 9pm.


The quality of the water in France is generally good and it is generally safe to drink tap water in the cities however, even where safe, the water may be treated differently so it is best to use boiled bottled  water that is low in sodium and minerals for babies under 6 months especially, to avoid upset tummies. Evian and Vittel is widely available in France and is suitable for babies.

Baby Formula & Milk

Baby milk in France can be different to what you can find at home so it is always safer to bring your formula with you and you can buy other bulky items such as nappies and wipes there. Aptamil is sold as Milupa in France and is available in Carrefour (Stage 2 only) and Hipp Organic is also available here. Milupa for hungry babies has the words ‘comfort plus’ on carton of formula. Popular French formulas include Bio Baby, Enfamil, Nutricia and Nestle Nidal. You will be able to buy these brands in supermarkets and large pharmacies.

Fresh milk is also available in pharmacies and will be labeled Lait Frais.

Baby Food

Baby Food is largely the same as in Ireland and the UK and you will be able to buy a wide variety of flavours. Hipp Organic is available in Carrefour and some larger supermarkets. You will be able to buy snacks, fruit puree, cereals and yoghurts which are similar to the brands available in the UK and Ireland in most supermarkets and in some of the larger pharmacies.  Older babies and /toddler meals are excellent in France, you will have a range of options, including duck dishes, paella and risotto. Fresh meat and vegetables are widely available in larger supermarkets. If you are staying in self catering accommodation you will be able to find local markets and shops where you can buy everything you need to cook for your child. Boots organic stock cubes are handy to take with you as they make a great base for cooking, especially for babies that have just started on solids.