Buying your Essentials

You will be able to find all of your essentials in supermarkets in the larger cities and towns. It is slightly easier to find what you need in the Southern part of Cyprus (Greek) rather than the North (Turkish).

SMA & Aptamil powdered formula is available in some supermarkets as are Milupa, Hipp Organic and Heinz Baby Foods. You will also be able to find yoghurt and purees as well as fresh fruits. The price of baby food is quite high as it is all imported.

Pampers, Huggies Evy Baby nappies are all readily available.

If you will be staying in a smaller area or a hotel away from a town, it would be best to bring your food and formula with you. You will be able to find food options for toddlers in the resorts and in hotels.

There are a number of Debenhams Stores in Cyprus such as in Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia where you will be able to buy nappies, wipes, formula and food. Click here for the addresses.

Swim nappies are few and far between so make sure you bring these with you.