The cable car in Dubrovnik is a ‘must do’, and if you have babies and toddlers you will need to ride the car to the top where there are activities and places to eat, drink and rest.

The Panorama restaurant is decent although a little pricey. The Homeland War museum may not sound the most child appropriate thing to do on holiday but considering it is stroller accessible, on the ground floor and cool in the summertime it can be an option. The museum exhibits are mostly from the Balkans War of the 1990’s and is interesting from the point of view of recent and relevant history.

The Dubrovnik Aquarium is situated with the walls of the old medieval fortress of St.John. A trip to the aquarium is always enjoyable with the little ones and Dubrovnik’s aquarium does not disappoint.The whole area is stroller accessible and you can let the older kids run free to discover scorpion fish, snakelike moray, spiny lobster and trigger fish. The aquarium is well staffed and supervised so it can be a little break also for parents.

The Dalmatian coastline has an abundance of beaches, however many of them are quite stoney. They are absolutely safe for you and your child and if you both wear some light footwear there will be no issues at all. If you are concerned about their safety you can always bring the first aid kit you have in your suitcase. Buza beach is right at the old city walls with a view of the islands close by. The kids can paddle and build sand castles with you for hours on end.Picigin is a ball game played by locals at the beach. It’s a simple game played in knee high water, where the object of the game is to not allow the ball touch the water. Older children can give this game a go. It’s perfect holiday entertainment. Banje beach is also very central. This is another beautiful, clean, yet slightly stony beach. From here you can hire a paddle boat and leisurely paddle to Lokrum island not even a kilometre away. Small children will be amazed at this adventure.

Once you get to the other side you can visit the botanical gardens and the kids can enjoy a good run around. The whole island is a nature reserve. If you get out the island early in the day go to Mrtvo More or Dead Sea. This is a small inland lake, connected to the sea. The lake has crystal clear, warm waters and has a wonderful sense of privacy and seclusion. There are plenty water babies out there that won’t want to go home after swimming in these waters. If paddling to Lokrum island is not your thing then you can catch a ferry to the island. During summer these ferries depart Dubrovnik every 30 minutes and the journey takes 10 minutes.

Lopud island is another great place to visit during your stay in Dubrovnik. It is perfect for a day trip. During the high season of July and August there are about four departures for the island daily. More up to date timetables and ticket prices can be found at . The ferry is pedestrian only. It is also accessible for strollers. With no cars on the island toddlers can move around more freely. The real draw of Lopud is its sandy beaches. You won’t find any peebles here. The water is also that bit shallower so that causes the water temperature to be a bit warmer. It’s probably has the best beaches in the region. After the beach you and your baby or toddler can visit any of the 30 churches on the island for a little cultural experience.