The cuisine of Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas is heavily influenced by its proximity to the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

Croats enjoy a healthy amount of seafood in their diet. Squid, lobster and shellfish from off the Elaphite islands is served up in the restaurants of the old city all year round. Many menus include polenta dishes and plenty other fish based dishes tempered with flavors of garlic and parsley.

Due to the influx of tourists and to meet the diverse demands made by these people, many restaurants now offer a more varied menu to appeal to a greater population. Bistro Gatta is a family oriented traditional Croat restaurant very close to the central bus terminus in downtown Dubrovnik. Fresh fish soups, salads and grilled fish mixtures are on offer at this charming eatery. The prices are also very reasonable.

Another child friendly restaurant in Dubrovnik that should really be experienced is Dubravka 1836. A little more expensive and situated overlooking the entire city from its perch high in the hills over the city’s old walls. Wonderful attentive service and a wide range on the menu to satisfy most palates. This can be a great short stop place for you and your baby or toddler even if it’s for a cold drink, ice-cream or snack. Remember summer is hot in Dubrovnik so you will need to take a breather and some shade during the day.