Powdered Formula in Lanzarote

The tins of powdered baby milk were available in all stages with the following brands: Puleva, Nestle Nidina, Milupa Aptamil and  Hero. Prices range from €13-16 euros per tin.

Baby Food in Lanzarote

There is a good selection of baby food in jars available including the brands – Nestle, Beech Nut and Hero. There are alot of pureed fruit and pudding options however, it may be difficult to find more savoury options so if you are uncertain, bring your child’s favourite food with you. You might also opt to cook for your child if you will be staying in self catering accommodation and fresh food to cook with will be widely available.

Nappies and Wipes in Lanzarote

Dodot, Huggies and Moltex nappies are all widely available.  Prices are an average of 0.20 cents per nappy. You can also buy the little swimmers range from Huggies. Also available is a full range of baby wipes and Johnsons baby shampoo.

Renting Baby Equipment in Lanzarote

You can rent sterilising equipment and other baby necessities such as buggies, car safety seats and baby monitors from ‘Hire Me’.

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