Breastfeeding in Gran Canaria

Breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable in Gran Canaria. Remember to drink lots of liquids to keep hydrated in the heat.

Baby Formula in Gran Canaria

You will be able to find formula in most of the resort supermarkets. The most popular small to medium sized supermarket is Cordillo which stocks Hero and Nestle formula. You will be able to find a wider variety of formulas in the hypermarkets which are usually located on the outskirts of the larger towns and resorts. You will also be able to find fresh cows milk in Cordillo and other supermarkets. The blue container has whole milk and the green has semi skimmed milk. Remember to buy your milk in the morning as it may be in short supply by the afternoon.

In Hypermarkets you will be able to find tins of powdered baby milk  available in all stages in the following brands: Puleva, Nestle Nidina, Milupa Aptamil and  Hero. Prices range from €13-16 euros per tin.

Baby Food in Gran Canaria

There is a good selection of baby food in jars available including the brands – Heinz, Hipp Organic, Nestle, Beech Nut and Hero. There are alot of pureed fruit and pudding options and Hipp Organic and Heinz baby food are widely available in both smaller and larger sized supermarkets.  You might also opt to cook for your child if you will be staying in self catering accommodation. There are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables available on the island and you will also be able to find a selection of meats. You will be able to find yoghurt and other snacks in all supermarkets.

Nappies in Gran Canaria

Dodot, Huggies and Moltex nappies are all widely available.  Prices are an average of 0.20 cents per nappy. You can also buy the little swimmers range from Huggies. Also available is a full range of baby wipes and Johnsons baby shampoo.

Baby Equipment

There are a number of companies on the island offering baby equipment hire such as travel cots, buggies, car seats, stair gates.


Calpol is not available in Gran Canaria but the local alternative Apirtel contains paracetemol. Ask the pharmacist about the appropriate dose for your child as the product is more concentrated than Calpol.