The Canary Islands

Breastfeeding in the Canary Islands

Breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable in the Canaries. Remember to keep hydrated and to eat well when breastfeeding in warm weather.

Baby Food and Formula in the Canary Islands

Formula – For formula fed babies, the quality of the water varies from place to place so it is definitely safer to use bottled water to feed your baby and your toddler. For babies under 6 months the bottled water should be boiled as it is not sterilized. When purchasing bottled water make sure you buy a brand with a low mineral and sodium content as these can cause stomach upsets.

Formula is available in most supermarkets but tends to be local brands which may not suit your baby if he or she is fussy. Generally supermarkets will stock Hero and Nestle formulas. Many stock the pre mixed Nestle formula which is useful for air travel. Many pharmacies in Lanzarote and Tenerife sell Aptamil but it is packaged differently and many users found that it has a slightly different taste. SMA is also available in some places but is sold in a carton only. Supermarkets generally open from 9am to 9.15pm and Mercadona can be found in many of the large resorts and is the best value for money. Other supermarkets include Hiper Dino, Cordillo, Spar and Netto.

Food – If you are staying in self-catering accommodation you will be able to cook for your baby or toddler. Boots, organic stock cubes are handy to bring as they contain less salt and create a fantastic base for baby meals. You should have no problem finding fresh fruit and vegetables in any of the markets, particularly in coastal towns. Pre Packaged baby foods such as Hipp Organic and Heinz will be available in most supermarkets but these are expensive and you may find them difficult to find in the smaller resorts. You could also try the local Spanish baby foods. You might want to think about packing food pouches in your suitcase just in case the food your baby is used to is not available.

Sterilizing – You could either bring microwavable sterilizer bags, these are great if you are staying in self catering accommodation or if your hotel will allow you access to a microwave. Another option is sterilizer bags which you fill with water and leave for 30 minutes. These are small and can be packed easily and are available in Boots in the UK and Ireland. Another option is to bring sterilizer tablets. To use these you will need a large container with a lid. You might also want to enquire about whether you will have a kettle in your room. If one is not available you can buy a small travel kettle.

Nappies & Changing Facilities in the Canary Islands

Nappies are available everywhere from larger to smaller supermarkets but again you may not be able to get the brand you are used to at home. If you feel this will be a problem you may wish to bring nappies from home although this will take up a lot of space in your suitcase. ‘Dadots’ are made by the same company as Pampers and you will also be able to find Huggies in some large supermarkets.

You will find baby changing facilities in department stores in large towns and in some restaurants and hotels. You should bring a changing mat with you to ensure that you can change your baby anywhere.

Please see our section on Formula, Food, Sterilizing & Nappies for more information.

Medication in the Canary Islands

If you need paracetemol for your child you will be able to find it in pharmacies. Calpol is not widely available and the Spanish equivalent is Apiretal. The dosage is different to Calpol so ask the pharmacist about the dose that your child will need. You will be able to find everything else you need in local pharmacies if your child is ill. There are also plenty of medical centres and hospitals in the major resorts