As Vienna is at the centre of Europe it is neatly situated at the heart of all it’s major transport systems. Vienna international airport (VIE) is just a few miles outside the suburbs and is well connected to the rest of the world. Flying to Vienna from your home country will probably mean flying to a connecting hub first, and then onto Vienna. The airport itself is well organised and of medium size so navigating with children is reasonably straightforward. LIke all modern international airports all signs are in English and there is no shortage of baby changing facilities. The fastest, cheapest and most accessible way into the city with small children is by S-bahn. This is the local overground train. Look for the S7 line and pay the €4.00 one way fare to the city’s central station, Wien-mitte. The city airport train is another option. This runs every 16 minutes and cost €13.00 per adult for a return ticket. Buggy accessibility here can be problematic.

You and your family can arrive into Vienna by train from another mainland European city on an overnight Euro-city train. Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic all run regular services into Vienna. Check for more detailed information on international train journeys.

Driving to Vienna with your family is another option. If you choose to do this plan to leave your car in one of the park and ride facilities on the outskirts of the city. It will cost too much money and is far too much hassle, parking during your valued family holiday time. Check for carpark locations.Also, if driving, you must purchase and display an autobahnvignette or car-toll sticker. Before entering the country you can purchase one of these tickets at any convenience store or garage. A 10 day ticket will cost €8.00.